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Kangmei Slimming Capsules




Kangmei Slimming Capsules contain      a pure concentrated form of Green Tea extract, which has been proven to increase your weight loss by speeding up the metabolism and burning fat, naturally, safely and without harmful side-effects.

  • 100% Natural
  • Affordable
  • Non-addictive
  • Burns body fat
  • Detox your body
  • For men & women
  • No drastic diet plan
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Enhance metabolism
  • No exercise required
  • No harmful side-effects
  • Increases energy levels

Modern scientific research has proven that obesity is harmful to human health in a mental and physical manner. It is also one of the main causes of hypertension, diabetes fatty liver and cardiovascular disease. Nowadays losing weight has become a common concern to many of us. Based on advanced technology, Kangmei green tea capsules has been developed from a traditional weight loss treatment formula, and is made of edible plants.

Kangmei has been proven to have remarkable weight reducing effects. People that have used Kangmei green tea capsules; have shown that it reduces the weight and fat content by slowing down the fat composition and accelerating the decomposition. With Kangmei you will lose weight in the hips, waist, stomach, thigh and buttocks without any harm or chemicals in your system.

KANGMEI IS 100% NATURAL AND SAFE........ There are no harmful side effects at all, as it is made from natural herbs. All you need to do is take 1 capsule 10 to 15 min before your breakfast, once a day.

Anyone can use Kangmei,                                         If you are a diabetic or if you have thyroid problems you may also use the capsule, but be sure to have it an hour and a half after you have had any medication.                              If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you are advised not to use this product.

There is no diet or eating plan to follow at all, just eat as you normally do. Although eating less high fat, carb and sugar foods and eating more protein foods, vegetables and fruit has been proven to make Kangmei much more effective. Once you have achieved your goal, simply reduce the dosage to 1 capsule 2 or 3 times a week until you stop completely. You will not put on any of the weight again, you will then stabilize as you were not on a specific diet.
This is the perfect time to allow your body to help itself with a safe and natural product!
Kangmei breaks down all the fat oil and dirt in your system; it enhances your metabolism, and gives you a complete detox. Kangmei cleanses the bladder and kidneys, improves blood circulation, can lower and stabilize blood pressure.

Important!! Water is the key to you losing weight!!

  • Keep capsules in a cool and dry place and keep away from children.
  • Take only 1 capsule a day 10 to 15 min before breakfast. Do not take more capsules than recommended.
  • Drink more water if thirsty (not enough pure water in your body reduces the body's glucose level in the blood, which causes weakness and dizziness).
  • Do not skip meals (especially breakfast or lunch). It is important while taking this product to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, including pure water and natural juices.
  • Do not consume alcohol while taking capsules. It may neutralize the effectiveness of the slimming process.

It is not necessary to starve yourself or go on a ‘diet’, although eating less high fat, carb and sugar foods will help you to lose weight. Eating more protein foods, vegetables and fruit has been proven to make Kangmei much more effective.

Unsuitable Group & Precaution:
  • People with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure or cardiovascular disease;
  • People with psychosis or addict of drugs, medicine or alcohol;
  • People with hyperthyroidism, insufficiency of liver or kidney;
  • People with prostatic hyperplasia or glaucoma;
  • Women in pregnancy or lactation;
  • People under the age of 18 or above 60;
  • Should not be taken with other drugs before consulting a doctor.
  • Should you experience any side effects please discontinue use immediately.

Remember - Your mouth will become dry - Water is the key to any diet or help in Weight Loss – Drink as much water as you can.

Kangmei Ingredients

Kangmei is made of various vitamins and minerals, as well a combination of edible plants that have medicinal functions, such as Green Tea, Chinese Hawthorn, Lotus Leaves, Poris Cocos, Cacciatore seed and Chrysanthemum flower and Catcheols.

Green Tea has been used in weight control and to counter the threat to the body from Free Radicals (a cause of certain cancers) for centuries, but it’s only recently that this special patented formula which has been successfully concentrated into Kangmei Slimming Capsules and been proven to help the body burn-off fat naturally and safely.
Each Kangmei Slimming Capsule contains a highly concentrated form of active phyto-chemical called catcheols – the equivalent of a hundred cups of green tea every day!

Some Kangmei Ingredients in more detail :



Green tea can increase your metabolic rate safely and without side effects. In other words, it can help you raise your metabolism and burn fat … without exercise! Green tea also contains Theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid that helps you relax and promotes a sense of well being by boosting GABA levels (another "feel good" neurotransmitter) in the body.


Crataegus, commonly called hawthorn, is a well-known herb in traditional Chinese medicine. Hawthorn is used to help many different illnesses mainly heart diseases and heart problems. Many doctors use hawthorn as a medicine as well as a digestive aid. Hawthorn has many benefits and if taken regularly will not cause any harm to one’s body however if taken in large quantities can cause palpitations.


Poris Cocos has been used in Chinese traditional medicine for many centuries. Poris cocos grows on the roots of old and dead pine trees. Poris cocos have been traditionally used as a tonic to benefit internal organs. As a result, internal organs can function better and stay healthier.


The lotus leaf originates from India. It has many benefits. Some of the benefits are weight loss, lowering of cholesterol, aids in lowering of high blood pressure and assists in stopping internal bleeding. There are many different types of lotus leaf tea, which also helps against insomnia and stress.


A beautiful and sweet smelling flower, which extract aids in the  prevention of influenza. It can be boiled as a tea, and can be consumed for those suffering with severe flush. It’s also safe for children to drink.

Only £12 p/box 
or buy 3 boxes for £10 each !!!          



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ewok said...

this slimming capsule is very popular in South Africa! many people losing weight with Kangmei! lot's of weight!
I'm trying it on myself and so far I don't need cafe in the morning anymore, I feel lighter, full of energy!
will update in week time about any progres :)

ewok said...

hi, little update.
my weight over week ago was 80kg, today it's my 9th day since I'm taking Kangmei and it's 79kg ! 1kg down !:)
my upper body looks slimmer !
when I eat to much excess intake goes out of my system.
energy levels rise, no need to drink coffee in the morning !

ewok said...

hi, Easter is allover, back to everyday routine; although I was eating chocolate cakes and sweets, and more food then usual my waist dropped 1cm! I'm pretty impressed that my weight is still the same to, after all food I ate! my stomach was hurting sometimes from over eating, as Kangmei capsule reduces amount of food you consuming. one change after second week of taking capsule is that I'm not going to toilet so often(nr2), detox stage completed.

I'm still thirsty, full of positive energy all day, when feeling bit down just have glass of water, no need for energy drinks or coffee!

ewok said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ewok said...

since last Monday I started thinking if and when my weight will start dropping, even though I lost 1cm in my waist, after eating all Easter goods and feeling bloated,you get days when you doubt. today I decided to weigh myself and check how is my progress going, and ... I lost 1.5kg (3.3lb)! that made my day :)))

ewok said...

I have received e-mail from my sis in law today, she also was taking Kagmei capsule, she was the one who introduced me to them!

"Hi there wear, I have been using these kangmai Slimming tabs for 6 months and I have lost 2 dress size since I started taking them. They really do work, and once you have lost the weight you don't easily pic up wait again (...)"

ewok said...

today was my last capsule, 24th!

measurements: 1 cm off my waist, 2 cm off my neck, 1 cm off my hips, 1kg (3lb) down of my weight!

in total I lost 4kg, 6cm in waist! I can see my body slimmed down a little!

took out one pair of my old jeans today and I need a belt to wear them now! :)))

I feel great!

ewok said...

half way through second box, one week one 0.5 kg less (1lb), one cm of my waist and one cm of my neck ... not to bad for not drinking much water and eating more carbs :(
I have to admit this crap weather trying to break me! rain every day and grey clouds not helping with my stamina ... I do drink water but not as much as I should :[ and I should eat less carbs to, less cakes ...
don't feel like doing anything ... even though Kangmei capsule is working :) slow but is working! I can see that in the mirror :)))

ewok said...

past weeks I was stuck in one spot with my slimming, I even picked up some weight :( I know, sometimes scale doesn't mean you're not losing weight but ... since last week I lost 0.5 kg again and my stomach looks much much flatter! my waist shrank a bit and my bottom looks smaller :)
because it's been very hot past fer weeks in UK I took out some shorts and I'm pleased some of them are a little bit to big, and some fit me again, and my waist fat not hanging out that much! :)
I had little break this month, haven't been taking Kangmei Capsule for almost a week, during my period (advisable for all girls!); my period wasn't so strong and lasted not as long :) and after that little break I noticed I started slimming down bit quicker comparing to weeks before!
started new packed, third day.

ewok said...

Since last time my weight dropped down to 75kg (165.35lb) ☺ I'm so pleased with my look!
I don't look like a model but lost quite a bit of body fat!
My chest, face, bottom, legs are much much slimmer!stomach to but I still have a long way to my goal!
Happy and not with losing weight on my chest, yes because I'm not so puffed up, not some bras are to big now...
I soppose you can't have everything, I knew while losing weight I'll lose my boobs too...
Good thing...less weight to carry on my chest :)))

ewa said...

I'm very impressed today with what I discovered!
I stop weigh and measure myself so often, some days when I looked in the mirror and I just couldn't see any progress in my slimming ... so I decided to surprise myself!
and today I took one of my old jeans shorts out, last time I tried them on (few weeks ago) I button them up with a little breather, today without breathing in shorts fit me again!
some of my waist hangers (fat!) sticking a little bit out but like I said before, it's still long way for me to achieve my goal and loss my waist and belly fat!
for now I'm happy with my today's discovery !!! can wear one of my favourite jeans shorts again !!! :)))

ewa said...

one month past, I had a week off from Kangmei due to my holidays, and it's been 6 days since I'm taking Kangmei herbal and Kangmei fruit and veg together.
Since I'm taking them both I'm not hungry all day! I have small breakfast and fruit during a day, then dinner at 7pm;
unless I do exercise then I eat lunch, have to feed my body after workout! :)
I didn't lose any weight according to my scale but my mirror and clothes say something else!
my body in general looks slimmer :) my confidence is coming back ! :)}) I feel sexy again with my flatter stomach :)))

Ewok said...

One month past and my scale showed 1kg/4lbs less :)
Some of my clothes don't fit me anymore :( to lose, to big now!
Checked my picture from holidays in February and some random picture in August and man what a difference!!!
No second chin, my face looks much slimmer, my shoulders legs, stomach!

I have been taking both Kangmei past month, not sure if that made big difference in my slimming but energy levels were quite high, didn't feel thirst as much, and hunger, my stomach flattend up though, with is a good thing :)

ewa said...

another month with Kangmei Slimming Capsule,and I'm feeling great! I'm so pleased with my weight loss; 8kg down :)
I'm happy I can wear my old favourite jeans again!
after a month taking both Kangmei I continue only with Kangmei Slimming, my detox was more powerful for the first few weeks; I feel lighter, no bloating, my skin looks healthier; all I have to remember is to drink water!
recently I also tried South African slimming tea Freshpack brand; gave me lots of gas and more energy!like the second thing!this tea made my tea beat faster!and when drunk late wont let you fall asleep, my brain was wide awake :)
I'm lighter, more confident about my body and much happier :)

Ewok said...

Hi, it's been a week just on Kangmei fruit and veg Fiber, my wee smells funny, same when I started Kangmei slimming capsule; so something is happening in my body :)
I feel lighter, not so much energy like before tho...not sure if that's because I'm not sleeping much recently or capsule works different; when I drink I'm ok, don't feel that much thirst now; but when I'm lacking water in my body my head is a bit heavy, feel some pressure, not very present feeling ...

ewa said...

I have switched to Kangmei Slimming again, started second blister;
not sure why but Kangmei Slimming make me feel good, I'm not so moody when I take them, have more energy :) witch I really need when sleeping 3 hours a day!
with Kangmei Fruit and Veg I didn't feel so much energy just my brain was active, not all body; didn't feel so much thirst; I wasn't hungry tho and when I was going toilet I could smell toxins coming out of my body; and also my waist and my chest slimmed down a bit;
lack of energy made me switch to Kangmei Slimming, so for now I'll continue with them :)

ewa said...

new year started and I'm back on my weight loss route!
didn't take Kangmei over christmas ans new years, just over two weeks;
started this Monday...Kangmei Slimming capsule
so far I losted 10.5kg/1.9stone; trousers recently bought by me - size 12! :D
bit tide but don't have to take big breather to button them up!just normal just my love handles sticking out a bit ...
most of my clothes are lose ... size 14 going to 12, bra's are to big too ... 36C before, 34C now :)

with cold weather I'm trying to motivate my self to drink more water, it's hard when it's cold out side! but with Kangmei I'm thirsty so water goes in easier plus hot herbal tea's :)
detoxing started so it's all good :)

Anonymous said...

Hi. I weigh 89kg. N weist tired of this load so i bought the capsules today.....i pray it works my aim is to reach 73kg n weist atleast 80cm so here goes.....i hope i hv no side effects 23/01/13

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have started taking Kangmei now for 7 days, pls can u tell me how soon would I start to see results.

ewa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ewa said...

hi, reasonable time to see changes in your body would be a month, but you should start seeing some changes after a week or two when taking Kangmei. You might notice you're lighter, your scale might move down, your clothes might feel different...some girls dropped few pounds after two weeks and some after six weeks with Kangmei...all depends of your body and your daily routine, and diet. hope Kangmei will work for you fast :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I heard good news about kangmei slimming capsules and I said and thought to myself why not try them? Lol so tomorrow will be my sixth day and I don't know but I seem to be eating all day long, like I have this huge appetite that should go away.

I know we all different and things work differently on us but ever since I started on them, it's been very hard 4me to ease myself in the toilet. I also heard about the fake kangmei capsule & the 1nces I had bought were white inside but now I finally got hold of the brown powdered capsules though they are light brown powdered, are they the correct ones? I can't wait to see the results in 3 months hey

Anonymous said...

Hi i want to start kangmei slimmin pills current weight is so desperate for change. confidence is at an ultimate low.....everyone tells me how fat i am so i need to prove to myself that i can beat this only 30yrs bt look 38yrs so iam startin it today....on the 10/04/13***ill only weigh myself again on the 30/04/13.#..fingers crossd

faith seed said...

Hi thr ive startd with kangmei slimming tabs its my third day today im weighing 89kg would love to loose atleast 20kg. As ths fat is affecting my self+esteem ill fill ull in on my progress..oh yes n its makin me vry constipated y?????'.

ewa said...

Kangmei slimming capsules normally loosen up stool, heard and experienced with Kangmei Fruit & Veg Fiber slimming capsules might harden stool and make you constipated.
remember to drink lots of fluids!
plenty of water it should help!

ewa said...

its been a while since I posted something about my slimming be honest after last blister in January I didn't take Kangmei capsules.
I had a little break, holidays, busy working diet didn't change much, I got use to eat small portions, cravings didn't bother me much :) still don't!
I started second blister of Kangmei Slimming capsules recently,actually I am half way through second blister, want to lose my stomach. I'm drinking water and I'm exercising. sometimes I'm not feeling hungry at all, when I eat I hear rumbling in my stomach and I have to visit toilet with no 2 more often...I think when I eat more curbs my visit in a loo is quicker :P
feeling fine, some days very energetic, helps when I'm moving and drinking fluids! beside water one of my favourites is ginger tea and yerba mate tea! second one also gives you a bit more energy :)
my stomach flattened quite a lot and my love handles dropped down!
exercising helps me with my posture and body build, my muscles showing more :) no more fatty arms :P

Anonymous said...

I just started with the slimming capsule and I am abit nervous. I weight 73kgs and I use to weight 65kgs so I'm hoping to see change. I am also trying to eat clean and go to the gym so I can aid better results. I will let you know my progress on the 9/08/2013. Excited but nervous:-)

Anonymous said...

Starting on 15/8/2013. Current weight 105.5kg. Goal weight 72kg. Will post updates.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, just bought kangmei today I'm 105kg hoping to lose 20kg. Wish me luck people

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am on my 4th box of kangmei. I have lost considerable cm, but now it feels as if I am not losing anything anymore. Can I take 2 capsules a day?

BPT said...

I started today (06 Sept 2013) with my first Kangmei slimming tablet. Currently weighing 74kg and my goal is to loose 10kg within 3months. Can't wait to see the difference! What I like is that this tablet is making me to feel thirsty, so, at last I'm able to drink water, which has always been very difficult for me. Will keep you posted on my progress, I have a good feeling about these tabs

Anonymous said...

hello i currently weigh 103kgs i want to drop 30kgs with this product. Im planning to cut down on carbs and junk food completely. Today is the 24th of September 2013. I will post again with an update. Wish me luck

Marion Lotter said...

Been using capsules since June with a few breaks in between. Still eating carbs but eating is more controlled with cravings reduced. Looking and feeling much better. Its easy to use. Don't plan to stop soon.

ewok said...

Hi, Im glad to hear Kangmei Slimming capsules work well on you guys :)
I know it takes a while to see any changes, be patient and wait for your dream body, unfortunately for some of us that progress takes time...but we'll get there!

Anonymous said...

Hi I want to start using kangmei but have no idea Where I could purchase it I live in the northern cape kimberley do u know a place?

Anonymous said...

Hi there I'm from south africa northern cape kimberley I want to know where I can buy kangmei plz

mark1 said...

Hello, have you got any results with this?

Anonymous said...

Started taking the tablets on Tuesday-07/01/14. Been googling side effects and results. Hoping for good/any results. Been battling to loose weight over the last two years - lost 37.5kg so far but body has become resistant to anything I do. Just want to loose another 14.5 and get back to my prepregnancy weight and I will be very happy

Lucinda Jacobie said...

I started 2 weeks ago. I didnt know about the detoxing. So I started running to the loo every time I ate. I though I was getting sick as detoxing has its side effects. Anyway I stopped taking the pills and tea... I stopped going to the loo of coz. Anyway I decided to read up on the product and then I understood. Im now back on it and I detoxed for 2 days and now im thirsty and I have less of an appetite. I get tummy crapd though. Is it normal? This is my day 4

Lucinda Jacobie said...

Day 6, I need to go to the loo every time I eat. I havent weighed myself and I havent seen any difference yet but im not eating at much due to not really having appetite. I drink lots of water because im thirsty so that's not a mission. This is doing something in my body. Will keep you updated

Anonymous said...

I took it for a month...lost nothing. My friend has lost 10kg in two months on EZ slim have you heard of it or tried it?

ewa said...

Lucinda, detox takes longer depending of your body, if you have many toxins in your body it will take longer to clear up!
Kangmei slimming capsules are on general detoxing supplements, they clear your body from toxins, make you thirsty, what helps to flash everything through and push it out!
That's a first sign they working on you, after a while taking them you should see on your clother you're losing weight, you won't feel like eating much even if you stop taking them(you should), as you will get in to habit of drinking plenty of water and just eating less...

ewa said...

If you hit plateau and you won't see any progress I would recommend to take a little break from Kangmei Slimming capsules...even if that would be a couple of weeks.

Prudy said...

Hi! I started taking Kangmei Slimming Tea 3 days ago... I have a 1yr old baby and gained 11kg in the process... I now weigh 85kg and my goal weight is 70 kg's... I will surely post my progress

Anonymous said...

Hi guys some of u are loosing weight 2 slow I've been using kangmei 4 over 4 years u welcome 2 mail me I've lost 45kg in 2 months my mail-

ewa said...

everyone is different and Kangmei Slimming capsule won't work the same for everyone...for most of us does magic! hope magic happen for all of you there! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies.I would like to know if kangmei pills reduce the effectiveness of contraceptives.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have recently started on the Kangmei Slimming capsules 3 days ago and i have been goinf to the loo quiet often and didnt know thats normal. will keep you posted with results.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know if I can take the capsule along with one cup of kangmei slimming tea per day? And has anyone tried using the red kangmei slimming lotion? Does it work? Please help! �� im so depressed over this weight. Ive recently started gym so I'm hoping for the best.